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Hi Folks. Do you want to get on "The UEASAAC Carp Hall of Fame" ?

The "UEASAAC Hall of Fame " is a dedicated page to Carp Anglers and will contain the angler's name and weight of any carp over 20lbs and other notable carp caught at UEA +photo if available. This list can go back in years, as far as you like. Scan your old pictures and send them to us. Rummage though your PC and see what you can find. The list will document the carp catches over the years and you will be forever in The UEASAAC Carp Hall of Fame. Pictures that you may have already sent to us, you can email again. Larger the better as some photos from the past have been sized down to speed up browsing of our pages over the years. So, go get out your old photo albums and get scanning and make history! Nudge friends who fished here in years gone by and let them know.

Use  grummm@gmail.com to send them.

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Check out the books with new tags that have recently updated


You can now click on a dusty old book and bring back memories of days gone by.

The top shelf book will always hold the last few seasons. Give the books a click to see how it will work. Please note, each photo is clickable for closer look. To get back to here, click the "Hall of Fame " Logo.

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Required your old photos.

We can scan them for you and return them.
email grummm@gmail.com


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