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1. Maximum of three rods per peg. (N.B. 3 rods will require an Environment Agency fishing rod license for 3 rods.)

2. Anglers must hold a current E.A. license and obey the by-laws.

3. Fishing by Season Permit only.

4. Anglers are responsible for all litter and waste tackle at the peg, which must be taken home.

5. Cutting of bankside vegetation is prohibited.

6. In the interest of safety, permit holders under 14 years must be supervised by an adult member or permit holder at the same peg.

7. One angler per peg only, except where an under 14 years permit holder is being supervised.

8. Angling is permitted from permanent marked pegs only. Entering the water to cast or bait up is strictly prohibited.

9. Anglers shall not unreasonably prevent other anglers from fishing their peg of choice by casting across other pegs.

10. Carp must be returned as soon as possible.

11. Fixed lead rigs are banned. Single hook rigs only except for Pike.

12. No fish to be unhooked on the ground/stagings unless an unhooking mat is used.

13. No live baiting.

14. Dead baits with sea fish, lamprey sections and trout only.

15. Treble hooks with a single barb. However the use of barbless trebles is encouraged.

16. All fish to be returned to the water.

17. Only UEASAAC sanctioned matches.

18. Unauthorised vehicles may not be taken down to the broad.

19. The designated match areas for all other matches close from 1 hour before start time until 1 hour after conclusion. The designated area for all other matches must be respected (see fixture list)

20. No Tents - genuine angling brollies/bivvies only.

21. No BBQ’s.

22. Maximum fishing sessions limited to 48 hours, after which anglers must leave the Broad with all their equipment and must not return to occupy a peg within 24 hours.

23. Night fishing permits only available to 18 year olds and over.

24. Dawn to dusk permit holders may not remain on the Broad overnight.

25. Non prescribed behavioural changing substances are banned on UEA Broad. Any permit holder or club member affected by such substances, whether or not consumed or administered on UEA Broad, will be deemed as being in breach of the rule and WILL automatically result in a lifetime ban.

Any unacceptable behavior, including excessive alcohol consumption or breaking of the above rules, will result in the immediate withdrawal of the permit. The angler will be asked to explain their actions to the UEASAAC committee who will consider the matter and may decide to impose a lifetime ban.
No Monies will be refunded.
Season Ticket Holders may act as bailiffs.

These rules may be amended from time to time by the UEASAAC Committee.

Revised April 2017

All members of the club are highly recommended by UEASAAC to view the link below to improve their conduct at the waters edge.

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