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(updated April 2015)

Please view the map at the bottom of this page, indicating where suitable parking may possibly be found.


The University introduced a new system for dealing with illegal parking on campus in line with changes to the law. Please note that a Civil Parking Notice (CPN) will be issued to drivers who are not members of the University’s car park permit scheme who breach the University’s car parking rules. These drivers will be liable for a £70 charge, reduced to £35 if paid within fourteen days. This is a change from the previous system of wheel clamping but traffic duties will continue to be carried out by our own UEA Security Team and not an outside agency. Illegal parking by registered permit holders (e.g. no permit and/or scratch card displayed) has not changed and will be dealt with by issuing warnings and infringements which may result in suspension from the UEA car parking scheme. Non registered permit holders parking on the inner site may be issued with a Civil Parking Notice charge.


The cost of onsite UEA parking is £1.64 per day. There is however no charge for angler parking from 0.01hours Saturday to 23.59 hours Sunday, providing your vehicle is registered with UEA to park on campus and your parking permit is clearly displayed.
Parking scratch cards and car parking permits are available from the Security Lodge 24/7. Payment is by direct debit so do take your bank details with you so as to complete the dd form when you go to the Lodge.
Parking permits are valid for 12 months from the date of issue so returning anglers will need to check the expiry date and renew their registration at the Security Lodge.


  • Apply at the Security Lodge in person for a parking permit, by completing a form. Details of your vehicle will be taken by Security, pending issue of the parking permit.
  • Do return to Security Lodge (Security will advise of the likely timescale) to collect the parking permit and purchase your scratch cards.
  • Do display your parking permit and scratch card when your vehicle is parked on campus. Your scratch card must reveal the relevant day and be displayed on your dashboard so that traffic staff can easily see it. (NOTE: A Scratch card is not required on a Saturday or Sunday).
    • Anglers staying overnight and parking on the campus must call in the Security Lodge to complete the overnight register on arrival; otherwise you will be in breach of the UEA parking regulations and run the risk of receiving a warning or infringement (if a registered permit holder) or a Civil Parking Notice charge (if not a registered permit holder) as no unauthorized vehicles may be parked on site overnight.

      DO NOT’s

      • Do not take your vehicle to the Broad unless you are disabled and have received written authorisation from the Traffic Office to do so. (see “Parking for the Disabled” below).
      • Do not arrange for someone to visit you in their vehicle which they drive to the Broad.
      • Do not allow your tackle to be transported to or from the Broad by someone else unless that person is disabled and has received written authorisation from the Traffic Office.
        • PLEASE NOTE: Any person caught not complying with the above will have their broad fishing permit withdrawn.

          WHERE TO PARK?

          • Parking now is only available on the inner site in designated areas with the spaces opposite the back of Suffolk Walk and behind Suffolk Terrace being the most obvious location. Possible other locations are near BIO and ENV on Norfolk Road.
          • Possible times when you may find parking at Suffolk Terrace.
          • Weekday, early morning, (before 8:00)
          • Weekday, lunchtime, (12:00 to 13:30)
          • Weekday, evening, (17:00 onwards)
          • Weekend parking should not be a particular issue at Suffolk Terrace.
            • Please note that any non-registered permit holders may park in the Main Car Park and pay the advertised visitor parking rates.


              It has been agreed between UEASAAC and UEA Security that only disabled permit holders will be given permission to load/unload/park their vehicles down by the Broad.
              A scratch card must be displayed by disabled permit holders when parked at the broad or anywhere else on the University campus other than the main car park which has its own payment system.
              The University only authorises vehicle access down to the Broad for those anglers who have difficulty with mobility and/or who are disabled. The University has decided on grounds of equality that the parking charge applies.

              • At the time you register your vehicle at the Security Lodge you must show the Transport Assistant your Disability blue badge or a letter from your doctor in support of your parking needs.
              • You will be issued with a padlock key (for which a refundable deposit may be required) against your signature, to enable you to lower the bollards between Suffolk Walk and Suffolk Terrace to have vehicle access to the Broad.
              • Please also note that parking will not be permitted beyond Peg 36 going anti clockwise, on the riverside of the Broad. Christine Beveridge, Estates and Buildings Division is responsible for the University Grounds and expects that disabled anglers will not take their vehicles to the Broad, even if they have a 4x4, when the ground is very wet.
              • Two specific fishing stages have been provided on the University bank for anglers with significant mobility difficulties.
              • Only family sized cars or small 4x4 are acceptable down by the broad.
              • Please note that vehicles generally are not welcome at the Broad, except where specific permission has been given.
                • All enquiries regarding parking permits should be directed to the Transport Assistant, Telephone 01603 592353.

                  All enquires regarding parking should be directed to UEA Security at The Lodge, Telephone 01603 592352


Please view map where suitable parking may be found.



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