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Stephen Bennett has made a great job of being our Bailiff. He is constantly down by the broad and is only too happy to have a chat with anglers.
Stephen has been feeding back to the webpages what is happening with catches at the Broad. check out
We have had a good response with Stephen being our man at the water's edge and he continues to do his good work checking permits and removing anglers with no permit or fishing licence.
So make sure you have both with you!!

If you see any fish fatalities or anglers misbehaving be sure to let Stephen know or by contacting any committee member by email or text.

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Research happening on the Broad???
Yes it is happening.

The UEASAAC Carp Hall of Fame is requiring your photos!
We are trying to gather as
many photos from the past.

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Stuart Thurston caught this record-breaking goldfish at the UEA Broad. This is the largest wild goldfish ever caught in the UK!

To his shock, Lowestoft angler Stuart Thurston, 27, landed the bright gold, 7lb 5oz fish while fishing for carp.

The same goldfish was last caught in 2007 by Graham Northwood, - but then it weighed just 5lbs 5oz.

Since then it has put on weight and become a record-breaker.

The catch has to be officially verified before it becomes an official British record, but it is already being widely hailed as the largest goldfish ever caught in the UK.

On the same day as the goldfish Mr Thurston also beat his personal best by landing a 26lb 8oz carp, but said that the goldfish has attracted more attention.

As seen in the Anglers mail and the Sun!!!

Photo crop (ripped edge A)


After some consideration, we decided to add some fresh stock to the Broad. This happened in November 09 and consisted of 86 Mirror carp from AJS Fisheries, the weight breakdown was as follows:
1 @ 4lb, 3 @ 5lb, 21 @ 6lb, 12 @ 7lb, 10 @ 8lb, 21 @ 9lb, 8 @ 10lb, 4 @ 11lb, 4 @ 12lb, 1 @ 13lb and 1 @ 14lb.

Some of these fish have already been caught and they are even coming out on maggots! We would really appreciate some pictures of these new stockies when you catch them, and if you can think of suitable names for them we are all ears!
Season 2011-12 saw a lot of these fish, many off them slapping on weight with all the goodies going into the broad.

Photo crop (ripped edge A)
Photo crop (ripped edge A)
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