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Match Results 2014-15

Last update of this page 18th February 2015

If you are a permit holder and fancy attending this summer's evening matches you are very welcomed.
We meet at the mid section of the University bank around 17:00 and draw for pegs at 17:30.
It is very informal and we are a friendly bunch. We would be pleased to see you.
Entry Fee £5 
Don't forget your keepnet and unhooking mat.

8th February 2015 UEA Pike Match 4 Report by Stephen Bennett

A mild ice free Broad, greeted the 10 anglers for the finale in the Pike Match Series, 3/4 rods had to sadly drop out at last minute.
Sunny calm conditions saw Pike elusive with just 5 Pike to nets, Len Stewart bagging top spot with 2 Essox off peg 5 at 20lb 8oz. Me in second on peg 57 with a 10lb 4oz fish, John Ford 3rd with 6lb 10oz on peg 65, Steve Barnes 4th with 3lb 10oz from peg 10. A lovely day was had by all with spring weather looming. Ben Rhodes 15lb 10oz fish on last month’s match took the Biggest Fish of Series Trophy. Well done Ben and thanks to all for your support over the Pike Match series.

11th January 2015 UEA Pike Match 3 Report by Stephen Bennett

1st Ben Rhodes 1 fish 15.10lb
2nd Len Stewart 2 fish 4lb and 10.2lb
3rd Peter Dennis 1 fish 13lb
4th Toby London 1 fish 6.10lb
5th Chris Browne 1 fish 5.2lb

21st December 2014 UEA Pike Match 2 Report by Stephen Bennett

1st Paul Roberts 4lb 15 + 9lb 11
2nd Roger Humphrey 7lb 1
3rd Chris Browne 7lb
4th Scott Walker 6lb 8

7th December 2014 Invitation Match (4 hours) Report by Roger Humphrey

A good response for this Invitation match in which the pressure was on me to get a win in again. I failed dismally but I doff my hat to the gentlemen that did fish this annual spectacle. With a good wind blowing west to east it was going to be about presentation and fish presence! In my particular case there were no fish present ;-)

The complete gory details:

1st Len (Lucky Bugga) Steward, 10lb 8oz Peg 48
2nd Toby (Blimey I had a bite) London, 6lb 1oz Peg 51
3rd Matt (Wot no carp!) Thirtle, 5lb 11oz Peg 59
4th John (My other car’s a ) Ford, 5lb 10oz Peg 60
5th Stephen (Bivvy) Bennett, 2lb 12oz Peg 63
6th Martin (Can’t be arsed) Edridge, 2lb 10oz Peg 61
7th Brian (One Bite) Hipperson, 1lb 13 ½ oz Peg 57
8th Chris (I’d rather be chubbing) Browne 1lb ½ oz Peg 58
9th Graham (Where’s me dog?) Gamble, 12oz Peg 56
10th Roger (It all went horribly wrong) Humphrey 8oz Peg 52
11th Graham (Forgot me maggots) Northwood, 6oz Peg 63
12th Peter (The last peg is always a flyer) Curtis, 3 ¾ oz Peg 64
13th Robert (They said it’s the taking part that counts) Hall, Did not weigh in Peg 64

Happy Christmas to all who took part! Hoo Hoo hoooooo.

9th November 2014 UEA Pike Match 1 Report by Stephen Bennett

A wet start dried just in time for the start whistle with a 2 minute delay for remembrance at 11 am. Bright calm conditions, not ideal, greeted the eager anglers. With a good turnout of rods that produced 7 Pike to nets. Toby London bagged (combined weight of 15lb 4oz) a brace up to 10lb13oz (biggest of the day) and Paul Roberts squeezed second place by a couple of ounces off Martin Edridge with a 10lb fish. A great afternoon was had in pleasant, but not ideal Pike conditions. Pike Match No.2 is on Dec 21st. See you there, and thanks again for your support.

30th July 2014 Evening Match (3 hours) 18:00 -21:00 Report by Roger Humphrey

So it’s the last in the short series of Evening Matches. A Beautiful day, turning into a calm sultry evening. With the usual faces turning up for a few hours fishing. It was nice to see Graham Northwood back on the match fishing scene. Stephen Bennett was looking a “Bronzed Adonis” after his holiday away from his bailiffing duties.
Most out to stop me from winning the series and that’s what happened! Boo hooo, I hear you cry ;-)
It was the best result of the evening match series with all catching good nets of Roach, Rudd and Skimmers. Matt Thirtle sneaked a nice Tench in at the closing stages of the match whilst Chris Browne kept with a feeder and produced some nice Bream and Roach.
Thank you to all who attended and I hope that next season’s evening matches will be as enjoyable for all.
I walked back to the car, in the dark, bottom lip quivering.

  • 1st Matt Thirtle 14lb 12oz (Peg 47)
  • 2nd Chris Browne 10lb 2oz (Peg 46)
  • 3rd Roger Humphrey 8lb (Peg 51)
    • 16th July 2014 Evening Match (3 hours) 18:15 -21:15 Report by Roger Humphrey

      So, here we are again. Another gathering of anglers prepared to do battle for 3 hours on a warm and sultry evening down by the broad. Many of them with gritted teeth as I collect the fees for the match with a few “comments” regarding to my previous match wins. Now then, what’s the phrase I’m looking for “In one ear out the other”? Pegged up as usual on the University bank, the whistle was blown for what was expected to be a Roach and Rudd match and that is exactly what it turned out to be. Most tried to winkle out silvers on float and pole lines. The wind was almost zero during the match which gave perfect bite detection…for those who got bites!
      There was the odd splosh of a feeder going out, but with no significant signs of Bream mulling around, so feeder tactics never paid off.
      Congratulations to Matt for getting second place with his first attempt at an evening match at UEA. In the end “Golden Boy” Humphrey took the winning place….yet again. I really could do with some competion, lads.
      Thanks to all who took part and lined my pocket. I think my gauntlet is thrown down “in a polite fashion” for the last evening match on the 30th July. See you there.

      • 1st Roger Humphrey 7lb 4oz (Peg 47)
      • 2nd Matt Thirtle 5lb 15oz (Peg 52)
      • 3rd Brian Hipperson 3lb 12oz (Peg 51)
      • 4th Martin Edridge 2lb 15 oz (Peg 49)
        • 2nd July 2014 Evening Match (3 hours) 18:15 -21:15 Report by Roger Humphrey

          Another small gathering of anglers arrived down by the Broad for 3 hours of bite searching during a warmish evening with a tricky yet gentle wind blowing slightly onto the north bank.
          After the usual inane banter at the draw (from the usual faces) we got down to business.
          Most of us attacked the Broad with close-in tactics with either Whip or Waggler. One or two did try feeder but the Bream are still not having their heads down for an evening session. Perhaps these fish have gone nocturnal? Lots of small fish (Roach, Rudd) were high in the water and mostly caught on the drop.
          Anyhow…look who came first…again!

          • 1st Roger Humphrey 5lb 12oz (Peg 49)
          • 2nd Stephen Bennett 5lb 8oz (Peg 43)
          • 3rd John Ford 4lb 6oz (Peg 50)
            • 18th June 2014 Evening Match (3 hours) 18:15 -21:15 Report by Roger Humphrey

              The second of a short series of matches found the weather perfect for a comfortable evening session. Just a small gathering of anglers turned up for the draw on the North Bank. The wind died down to zero movement and heavily clouded skies dropped the light levels on the Broad. Silver fish were moving and disturbing the surface of the water on a number of swims and signs of life on the bottom with fizzes close in and at distance. Most Roach, Rudd and Skimmers caught were in mid water in the winning 2 weights, catching on the drop. At the end of the evening everyone was still headscratching as to why the Bream didn't get there heads down and feed.

              • 1st Roger Humphrey 9lb 4oz (Peg 51)
              • 2nd Stephen Bennett 4lb 10oz (Peg 50)
              • 3rd Martin Edridge 3lb 13oz (Peg 44)
                • 14th June 2014 Brian Roberts Memorial Open Match (5 hours) 10:00 to 15:00 Report by Roger Humphrey

                  This is the rearranged charity match that was attempted to be held last March.
                  A rather disappointing turnout for this event. Weather conditions had cooled down from yesterday’s extreme temperatures. The weather was now cooling and at the start of the match the wind was not an issue. Most anglers started off on the feeder. It was obvious that the Bream were on the prowl with fizzes being seen in a number of swims close in and at distance. Cloud broke later with some sun making its way onto the lake encouraging fish to stay in mid water. There were significant Roach and Rudd catches by many anglers. In the end the winner was Paul Roberts (son of Brian) with a Bream catch and I’m pretty sure Brian would have been proud of the moment when Paul was presented the cash prize by Wendy Roberts (Brian’s wife). Quite, the family affair.
                  My apologies for my whistle blowing skills at the start of the match. A maggot in the whistle does make it sound well dodgy!
                  Thank you to all anglers who took part in this match and also to Angling Direct for selling tickets on our behalf.
                  Total money raised by this event is £269 (this total includes ticket donations from a number of anglers in the previously arranged/cancelled match) The total will go to the Macmillan Cancer Support. A charity chosen by the Roberts Family.

                  • 1st Paul Roberts, 25lb 12oz, Peg 30
                  • 2nd Paul Edwards, 13lb 8oz, Peg 26
                  • 3rd Graham Smith, 11lb 15oz, Peg 28
                  • Section A: Roger Humphrey, 11lb 14oz, Peg 58
                  • Section B: Mike Ducker, 9lb 12oz, 25 Peg 25

                    • 14 Anglers attended.

                      4th June 2014 Evening Match (3 hours) 18:15 to 21:15 Report by Roger Humphrey

                      The day began with heavy clouds looming over the Broad and although it did stop raining during the afternoon it began to rain again just as the draw took place at 5:30.
                      With signs of Bream fizzing at distance from a number of pegs and Roach and Rudd showing close in on a few other pegs, all looked good considering the ever changing weather conditions. The skies gently trickled on us as the business for the day began. As expected most anglers opted for the feeder at distance. The rain did finally stop and a slight wind did become a problem for a while. The winning weights were made up of a mix of small Skimmers, Roach and Rudd on the inside line.
                      It was nice to see Martin Edridge back on the Broad with his usual dry comments during the draw. Pegs used in the match were 46 through to 52.
                      7 soggy anglers attended. All caught!
                      Many thanks to those intrepid anglers who made a damp evening, memorable.

                      • 1st Roger Humphrey, 6lb 13oz (Peg 51)
                      • 2nd John Ford, 6lb 8oz (Peg 47)
                      • 3rd Stephen Bennett, 2lb 2oz (Peg 52)
Pike Match 4
Paul Roberts

L to R: Roger Humphrey, Wendy Roberts, Paul Roberts

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