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Match Results 2011-12

19th March 2011 Eric Quinton-Bitton Trophy Open Charity Match

10th September 2011 David Bird Memorial Match. Open Charity Match.

Section Wins

Section A – P. Edwards – 31Lbs 4ozs
Section B – W. Martin – 33Lbs 14ozs
Section C – J. Brewster – 14Lbs 5ozs
Section D – M. Soyer – 18Lbs 6ozs

Also thanks to those who helped with the weigh-in, all in all a good day and we raised £234 from ticket sales for charity. The club will match this total giving a grand total of £468 to go to EACH.

Thanks everyone!


David Jarvis won the Charity Match held on UEA Broad on 10th September with an impressive 59lb bag of bream from peg 33 on mini boilie.
The match was well very supported with 35 anglers taking part. As the wind seemed to frequently change direction between an easterly, westerly and the south, most anglers had to switch between mini boilie, pellet, sweetcorn, worm, maggot to keep bites coming.

Congratulations to the following match and section winners:
1st. David Jarvis - peg 33 - 59lbs 7 oz 2nd. Paul Edwards - peg 22 - 28lb 2oz 3rd. S Chandler - peg 20 - 26lb 10oz

Section A (pegs 10-20)
Dave Pike - peg 17 - 17lb 3oz

Section B (pegs 22-33)
Matt Pope - peg 28 - 23lb 4oz

Section C (pegs 48-58)
Brian Hipperson - peg 49 - 18lb 14oz

Section D (pegs 62-70)
Albert Farrow - peg 66 - 16lbs 7oz

The average bag for the match was 9lb 10 oz per angler. The river side of the Broad turned up higher weights than the university bank.

Thank you to all the anglers for supporting the match. Anglers donated £210 in the entry ticket plus a matching donation from UEASAAC club funds, making a total of £420 for the Neuro Critical Care Unit at Addenbrookes. Roger Humphrey nominated the charity and will present the cheque when he visits again in October with wife Jill who, in August 2010, received life saving surgery and fantastic care from the highly dedicated professionals in the unit.

6th February 2011 Pike Match

6 anglers fished on a mild but very windy day at UEA.

Expectations were high but in the end only two fish were caught, and they were both caught by Martin Edridge to win the whole pot!

The weights were 6Lbs 6oz and 9Lbs 5oz to give a total weight of 15Lbs 11ozs.

Well done Martin!

18th September 2010 David Bird Memorial Match. Open Charity Match.

With a half decent day for the match all was looking good for the 36 anglers who came to fish. With 4 sections (2 on each side of the broad) it was going to put a lot of pressure on the water which does make it tough. But there were some good weights, with 30Lbs only being good enough for a section win, extraordinary.

1st. Phil Hurn - 41Lbs 6oz
2nd. PAul Cooper - 34Lbs 11oz
3rd. Mark Edwards - 32Lbs 6oz

Junior Winner - M. Scicluna 9Lbs 10oz

Section A win - A. Farrow 18Lbs 6oz
Section B win - John Collison 21Lbs 1oz
Section C win - David Jarvis 30Lbs 4oz
Section D win - Paul Cordy 20Lbs 7oz

£40 was raised for East Anglian Chlidrens Hospice which the club will bump up to £100.

Special thanks to Paul Cordy for help organising and ticket sales and to Kathryn and Wendy for their help getting the pegs ready. Also to those who helped in the weigh-in.

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