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Match FISHING Rules

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The above details are printed on the permits so please make a point of reading and noting what is
printed and plan your fishing trips to the Broad with these in mind, so as to avoid any embarrassment on the bank.

In addition to the University Broad Rules, the following Match Rules apply:

The UEA club follows the model rules developed by the National Federation of Anglers. However the club does have some extra rules for participating anglers to follow:

1 – Barbed hooks are allowed
2 – Environment Agency compliant keep nets and landing nets may only be used
3 – Any disputes will be openly debated and investigated as promptly as possible. The match secretary will make the final decision.
4 – Any angler can appeal in writing within one week of the decision to the Chair of the Club. The Club Committee will review the decision and a final decision will be made. This will be relayed to the angler within one week of making the appeal decision.
5 – Large weights of fish may require an additional keep net (the club will have some nets available)
6 – No carp should be retained in a keep net. A match official/designated section “weigh-in” person will weigh any carp caught as soon as possible before being returned to the water.
7 – On match days, pegs will be chosen allowing pleasure anglers to access some parts of the broad but not affect the match competitors. Pleasure anglers on match days (see permit for dates) must adhere to designated pegs so as not to affect the match.

Pike Match Rules

1 – Anglers must use barbless/semi-barbed trebles.
2 – Two rods may be in use at any one time
3 – Anglers must use appropriate braid or monofilament of not less that 15lb breaking strain.
4 – Competitors can only use lures, dead sea baits or lamprey sections. Live baits/worms/maggots may not be used on the hook
5 – Anglers may use ground bait or sprayed maggots to encourage silver fish into the swim. Chopped sea dead baits may also be used for this purpose.
6 – Pike are to be weighed and witnessed as soon as possible. The angler in the next swim will do this. Match officials will make Scales/weigh slings available for this purpose.
7- All anglers must land fish by themselves using an appropriate size Environment Agency compliant landing net (minimum 42 inch net).
8 – Padded weigh mats and appropriate weigh slings to be used at all times.

These rules may be amended from time to time by the UEASAAC Committee.
Revised April 2013

The Broad is closed all day until one hour after the end of all Open Matches.

All members of the club are highly recommended by UEASAAC to view the link below to improve their conduct at the waters edge.

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