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Pre Notice

UEASAAC are very grateful to the local Fisheries Team of the Environment Agency, who will be carrying out a survey from a boat on UEA Broad using sophisticated sonar equipment. A receiver station will be set up on Peg 46 where it will be possible to view the images on a live screen. Peg 46 will be closed all day.

The equipment provides the potential to be able to see individual or groups of fish, distinguish species and relative sizes. The boat will be launched from the beach area and will work its way across and up and down the Broad over most of its area to carry out the sampling.

If this is of interest, anglers are welcome to drop by during the day to take a look. The receiver station screen will however be small, so please be aware that viewing space is limited and the viewing time may have to be relatively brief, depending upon the numbers or what those on the bank involved in the survey need to do at any point in time.

The technique uses ultrasound as the means of sampling and therefore it does not matter that the water is carrying colour. Fish are not disturbed from their normal habits or have their feeding patterns affected and so anglers should not be concerned that the technique used will impact the potential to catch. There will be some disturbance from the outboard, although it is hoped that the wind conditions will enable this to be minimised by the use of an electric outboard.

UEASAAC apologises for any inconvenience that the following may cause as Peg 46 will need to be closed from 0800 to approx. 1800hrs on the day and whilst anglers may fish the Broad while the survey is underway, you will need to be prepared to pull in your lines when the boat is surveying in your area to avoid any issues with line becoming wrapped around the propeller and to enable the Fisheries Team to sample close to the bank.

Once UEA has carried out further work on the recorded data it is hoped that we will be able to share representative samples as video via this website, at some point after the survey has taken place.


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