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Rob Hall

TREASURER robert hall

About Me

I've been fishing since before I can remember, first pleasure fishing with my dad, then getting obsessed by carp during my late teens and early twenties. My job as an oceanographer has taken me to various parts of world and I always wet a line when possible - leading to some interesting experiences such as urban carp fishing in Liverpool, double bonefish hookups from a kayak, and handlining for mahimahi in the middle of the Pacific. These days I can mostly be found targeting pike in winter, carp in spring/autumn, and kayak fishing for bass during the summer months.

PB carp: 27lb mirror, All-species PB: 60lb yellowfin tuna

Peter Belton


About Me
I have been fishing since the age of eight. Starting in East London and going on to Norfolk. Principal interests are river fishing for chub and in winter pike fishing with occasional forays for bream and tench. I have been lucky enough to fish in a lot of different counties including Bermuda, Thailand Burma and New Zealand.

MATCH ORGANISERs stephen bennet and brian hipperson


BAILIFF Stephen Bennett TEL 07519153282

About Me

My dad, bless him, told me and my brother many years ago, that we caught our first fish with dummies in our mouths.
Yes over 50 years later I'm still sucking mine !! well I'm still fishing anyway !! and loving it.
Bream Tench and Pike are my target species at present depended on the time of year.
But anything that tugs is a bonus. I may take up Carp fishing next year.
But even on the blank days I love nature and habitats (not the shop !)
I am also a keen photographer and a member of many nature reserves.
In the past I've taken many visits to Ireland, my best Bream bag of 120LB + and best pike of 26lb.
Looking forward to chatting to you on the bank, any problems let me know !
'We'll make you famous' !!! well OK on the website anyway with Roger's help.
Remember we are all here to help each other, hope you have a fantastic season.
PB's Bream 9lb, Rainbow trout 18lb, Pike 26lb Mirror carp 20lb Common carp 15lb and 3 Children !

Stephen Bennett

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