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There will be two permit evenings where you may come to purchase a permit with cash and get your permit there and then. These will be held at the Colney Lane sports pavilion on Tuesday 15th May from 6pm to 8pm and on Wednesday 23rd May from 5.30pm to 7pm.


UEA Broad

Your UEA Broad permit gives you access to some potentially great sport whether your quarry are larger specimens or silver fish. Season permits are available on a dawn to dusk or a 24 hour ticket.

The UEA Broad is not a day ticket fishery.
There is the option of participating in most of the varied match programme which has been organised for the coming season.

The University of East Anglia Staff Association Angling Club controls fishing of the University Broad. The broad is situated on the grounds of the University of East Anglia and consists of 18 acres of freshwater.

It is a mixed fishery and one of the closest stillwaters to Norwich, making it incredibly convenient to Norwich based anglers. It is a man-made lake, dug out in the 1970's. The water level is based on the River Yare’s level via a small drainage point on the south bank. It's unusual contours makes the fishing interesting from all pegs with drop-offs and gullies appearing during your plumbing of a large number of swims. Depths vary from a couple of feet to about 25 feet!

The fishing stages are of wooden construction and are maintained on a yearly basis. Trees and undergrowth have become well established during the years, and with some of the fishing pegs it is possible to hide yourself away from the world as it passes you by.

This delightful piece of water is conducive to an enjoyable season's fishing for all, including the novice angler, and all will find a good catch of fish is possible with the minimum of skill!
2 disabled pegs are available so that easy access is available for persons with mobility problems.
All persons applying for night permits will be vetted by the UEASAAC committee.
The use of 3 rods is allowed, providing the angler holds 2 rod licenses...a nice bonus for the carp, bream and pike specialists.
A visit from the UEA bailiff will happen at least twice a day to check all is well and that no bylaws are being broken.

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